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Simon Mihaelson inventor of Peritoneal Dialysis Belt

The story of Simon's Peritoneal Dialysis Belt invention

Interview with Simon Mihaelson

I was a young man when I started to do CAPD. I remember well the time when two doctors suggested me to start doing Peritoneal Dialysis.
I was very scared at that time, because I didn't know about CAPD.
Now after being treated for 7 years in CAPD and then being transplanted, I would like say thank you for everyone who is developed this kind of Dialysis.
The waist support belt was developed for my own use.
I am a fashion designer and I always think about the appearance and comfort of my clients.

After operating the catheter of my abdomen I used to be unsatisfied from my appearance as it did not look esthetic.
From time to time I used to tell myself that I should to do something.
My first belt was good but not perfect. The current one was reached after polishing the belt again and again until I felt comfortable with it.
To my opinion, the belt serves as a body outfit and at the same time it is very comfortable to wear. It hides the catheter from its surrounding. I can testify on my own experience that during 7 years on CAPD I have never had any infection. Even PD nurses when they a changed my catheter every six months they used to tell me that the catheter looked like a new one.
Now that I am transplanted, I feel that I have the power to introduce this invention to the CAPD patients.


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